Are you having favors at your wedding
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Interestingly enough, wedding favors have been a bit of a hot topic in the Coyote household. I have to admit, I am not big on wedding favors. It’s almost always some sort of useless trinket that sits around my apartment for six months until I decide to throw it out. And when I finally do I feel guilty that I have thrown away something that a couple put time and money into choosing. Because of all this, I am pretty hellbent on giving our guests a favor that won’t sit around on their shelves collecting dust. Thankfully there are so many unique and interesting favors nowadays, so I figured this would be an easy-peasy decision.

Oh, silly Coyote, thinking something wedding related would be easy. When I brought up a few of my ideas to Momma Coyote, I quickly learned some interesting things about what is acceptable and what isn’t acceptable in the realm of wedding favors. I am not sure if this is specific to my family, or maybe to my Italian culture, but in my circle wedding favors have a few different components and are apparently a Big Deal.

First, you absolutely must have Jordan almonds. A wedding without Jordan almonds will have you excommunicated from the famiglia FOR LIFE. I have to been to enough family functions to know that Jordan almonds are on the must-have list. And so, a few weeks ago I sat down with Momma Coyote and we ordered ourselves a few boxes of “confetti”:

Image via My Italian Wedding Favors

Side note: If you want some serious culture shock, take a look at that website. It is phenomenally Italian.

Second, while the Jordan almonds are a component of the favor, they cannot be the only favor. Usually they are wrapped up in tulle and then attached to the actual favor. Again, I kind of expected this and had long ago fallen in love with Mrs. Jellyfish’s lottery-ticket favors. I brought it up to Momma Coyote and, while she loved the idea, she didn’t think it was enough.

Momma Coyote suggested a donation (perhaps similar to Mrs. Doily’s favors),为展示全市妇女奋发有为的时代风貌跟女性才艺, but the Jordan almonds AND a lottery ticket AND a donation just seemed like too much for me. Too much paper,i六合彩, too many explanations.

And so it was back to the drawing board.

I kinda love edible favors. At the last wedding I went to the bride and groom had wrapped up M&Ms and placed them inside a glass. I quietly went around the table eating my little baggie of M&Ms. And Mr. Coyote’s…and my brother’s…and the random cousin’s I was sitting next to…heh. Yum. The more I stumble across edible favors, the more I want them in our wedding.

How about these fortune-cookie favors?

Image via Sschaf on Weddingbee

Or some tasty treats with your own monogram on them?

Image via Gracious Bridal

Canned or jarred treats can be really personal and last a lot longer than a cookie:

Photo by: Katy Gray on The Bride’s Cafe via

As a coffee lover (and one of Starbucks’s most valuable customers) I am head over heels for these coffee-bean favors:

Photo by: Katrina Louise on Wedding Chicks via

There are so many great ideas out there. Now I just need to choose one! Are you having favors at your wedding?

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